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  1. Count It Up3:22
  2. If I Was A Girl3:43
  3. Funeral3:37

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Waka Flocka in XXL Interview

Tell Us about one of the new rap artists on your roster.

“Bob Lennon – he’s like a mixture of Bob Marley and John Lennon. His music sounds like art, like culture. Never met an artist that could do a whole song in one take, every verse. He literally remembers the whole record in his head and he go record it and don’t listen to himself when he record it. Just the beat.”



Christopher Powell Jr., better known by his pseudonym, “BOB LENNON”, was born on the east side of Macon, Georgia on July 31, 1993. BOB is an eclectic independent artist, who gained hometown notoriety with his single “YaYa” and by the summer of 2017 caught the attention of rap superstar WAKA FLOCKA FLAME who featured BOB on the opening track of his mixtape I Can’t Rap Vol 2. BOB released his album ASHTRAYS in the fall of 2018 which includes the smash hit single ‘Ms. American Pie’. He is on path to become one of this generations greatest rockstars. Continue to follow his journey.

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